Inside the luxurious Zimbali Lakes Resort: Facilities and amenities

Located on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Zimbali Lakes Resort is a breathtakingly beautiful destination that offers visitors the ultimate luxurious experience. With a wide range of facilities and amenities to cater to every need and desire, the resort is the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the finer things in life.
Beach Club Bliss
Located on the golden sands of the Zimbali Lakes Beach Club, you can experience the ultimate beachside escape. Leave the demands of modern life behind and bask in the hours of relaxation that await you at this exclusive destination. The Zimbali Lakes Beach Club, which can be reached within the estate via a golf cart, is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the warm KwaZulu-Natal climate. With direct beach access and security, you can enjoy the pinnacle of private coastal living.
Our private beach club is designed to enhance the overall lifestyle and experience of our residents.

Top Benefits of Zimbali Lakes Resort Beach Club

  • Privacy and exclusivity: offering a private and exclusive atmosphere for residents and guests, with controlled access, allowing only authorised individuals to enter.
  • Comfort and convenience: This is the perfect spot for relaxation, leisure, and recreation. With all the necessary amenities and facilities on-site, residents can enjoy the comfort and convenience of having everything they need within reach.
  • Security and safety: Enjoy the best of both worlds at the beach and the pool, let our professional staff see to your every need and feel assured that your belongings are safe and secure.
  • Network with the best: The beach club offers the perfect opportunity to mingle and connect with like-minded people. Relax poolside and meet a new friend or two. With a shared love for sun, sand, and good times, it’s the perfect place to build a sense of community among all who visit.
  • Health and wellness: In addition to the physical benefits, spending time at the beach club can have a positive impact on your mental health. The sound of the water, the warmth of the sun, and the peaceful surroundings can help you to unwind and de-stress. It is a great way to clear your mind and create the ultimate work life balance.

18-hole golf course

From every angle, the Zimbali Lakes Golf Course is an impressive addition to our estate amenities. Views of the golf course can be seen from your home. Impressive, expansive fairways and greens with a bunker or two, of course.
The design of the course takes into account the natural contours of the land, ensuring that each hole flows seamlessly into the next. The result is a golf course that is not only visually stunning but also offers a challenging and rewarding game for golfers.
Aside from the golfing experience, the Zimbali Lakes Golf Course also provides a range of amenities to ensure that players have everything they need to enjoy their game. There is a well-appointed clubhouse that offers a comfortable and welcoming environment, where golfers can relax before and after their round.

Walking paths, running and biking trails

Zimbali Lakes offers an extensive network of walking paths, running, and biking trails that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to stay active and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The trails have been designed to cater to all levels of fitness and experience and provide a variety of scenic routes through the estate’s natural beauty.
Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an intense workout, the trails offer a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. With well-maintained paths and trails, residents and visitors can explore the estate’s stunning natural surroundings while getting exercise and staying healthy.

Bird hives and nature conservancy

Zimbali Lakes boasts a vibrant and thriving ecosystem, which is supported by a range of conservation efforts and initiatives. One such initiative is the bird hives and natural conservancy, which provides a safe haven for a variety of bird species. The bird hives have been strategically placed in the estate, and they provide the perfect nesting site for a range of indigenous bird species.
The natural conservancy is a protected area within the estate, designed to promote biodiversity and conservation of the natural environment. The conservancy features a range of flora and fauna, including a variety of bird species, which can be observed in their natural habitat. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the natural conservancy, and learn about the importance of conservation and sustainability.
The bird hives and natural conservancy are just a few of the many initiatives that Zimbali Lakes has implemented to protect and enhance the natural environment, making it a unique and sustainable place to call home.


Zimbali Lakes is a pet-friendly estate, welcoming residents and their furry friends with open arms. The estate recognizes the important role that pets play in the lives of their owners and has created an environment that allows pets to thrive. With plenty of green spaces and walking trails, pets are free to explore and enjoy their surroundings. With its pet-friendly policies and amenities, Zimbali Lakes is the perfect place for pet owners to call home.

Energy and water-efficient

Zimbali Lakes offers its residents an uninterrupted power supply, secure water zone, and high-speed fibre access to their homes. The estate has invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure that its residents have access to essential services without interruption. The uninterrupted power supply ensures that residents can carry out their daily activities without worrying about power outages, while the secure water zone ensures that residents have access to clean and safe water.
Additionally, the high-speed fibre access ensures that residents have access to reliable and fast internet connectivity, making it possible for them to work remotely, stream entertainment, and stay connected with family and friends.
Zimbali Lakes offers an unparalleled living experience for those who appreciate exceptional quality of life and contemporary amenities. The development is both unique and sustainable, making it a perfect place to call home. With an abundance of options for relaxation, exercise, and immersion in nature, Zimbali Lakes truly has something for everyone. Indulge in luxurious living at Zimbali Lakes Resort and discover the ultimate in opulence.
A world of


Within Zimbali Lakes Resort, you will find a dynamic selection of offerings that allows all residents the ultimate lifestyle. Curate an extraordinary home with internationally acclaimed architects that will uphold a legacy.
Consisting of sizeable freehold plots, The Ridge provides residents an opportunity to realise and build their dream homes. This development offers a new minimalist and contemporary approach to the traditional Zimbali look. The architectural guidelines support green practices and the classic North Coast alfresco living.
Evergreen Zimbali Lakes will comprise 750 retirement units that will cater for all stages of the retirement journey. Evergreen provides wellness and healthcare that is tailor-made for comfortable ageing and includes independent and assisted living, home-based care, as well as frail and memory care.
This mixed-use development has been designed with the philosophy of blending executive-style living with daily necessities. Home to apartments, offices, retail and medical, residents can live within walking distance of the bustling piazza that is home to boutique stores, state-of-the-art medical and dynamic office spaces.
Inspired by the elements of open air and flowing water, the Tatali vision is one of excellence, revealing exceptional living that is yet to be seen in South Africa. Offering you the choice, Tatali is home to upmarket penthouses, bespoke mansions, exceptional apartment suites or stands that allow you to create your vision.
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