Zimbali Lakes Golf Course

Best golf courses in South Africa, including Zimbali Lakes

South Africa, known for its diverse landscapes and spectacular wildlife, is also a golfer’s paradise with world-class golf courses dotted across its verdant terrain. Today, we bring you a curated list of the top 5 golf courses in South Africa, hand-picked for their remarkable design, phenomenal scenery, and unparalleled golfing experience. In this elite club, we proudly present Zimbali Lakes, an up-and-coming golf course that is set to redefine luxury golfing in South Africa.

Fancourt Links - The master stroke of Gary Player

Situated in the heart of the Garden Route, the Fancourt Links is a product of the golfing legend, Gary Player’s architectural prowess. This course is a golfing masterpiece, offering players a unique and challenging golf terrain that perfectly blends the beauty of South Africa’s natural environment with the intricate complexities of a championship golf course. With its undulating fairways and challenging greens, Fancourt Links has earned a place on the bucket list of golf enthusiasts globally.

Leopard Creek - Where wildlife and golf meet

leopard creek golf course

The allure of Leopard Creek is not limited to its challenging and beautifully designed golf course. Situated on the edge of the Kruger National Park, it offers golfers a chance to connect with South Africa’s rich wildlife. The course is a testament to the country’s commitment to sustainable golfing, allowing the sport to coexist with the natural habitat. The greens and fairways complement the surrounding bushveld, creating a stunning spectacle that is as enjoyable to the eye as it is challenging to the golfer.

Pearl Valley - A jewel in Paarl

Located amidst the panoramic vistas of Paarl, Pearl Valley adds a touch of luxury to the South African golf scene. The course is a beautiful blend of strategic water features and well-placed bunkers that provide an exciting challenge to golfers of all skill levels. The Pearl Valley experience extends beyond the 18th hole, with world-class amenities that exude elegance and sophistication.

St Francis Links - Coastal golfing at its finest

St Francis Links golf course

St Francis Links is a dream come true for golfers who love the sea. This course is a magnificent fusion of golf and the Indian Ocean, offering golfers a chance to tee-off with a spectacular coastal backdrop. The meticulously maintained fairways and greens align harmoniously with the surrounding dunes and vegetation, creating an engaging golfing experience that is equally rewarding as it is demanding.

Zimbali Lakes will soon join this prestigious list of South Africa’s top golfing destinations. Read on to discover more.

Zimbali Lakes - The emergence of a golfing masterpiece

Zimbali Lakes Golf Course

Zimbali Lakes is the only golf course being created in South Africa at present. It is also the only golf course in South Africa that will feature beach, lakes and nature – all blending seamlessly into the environment.

Anticipation and excitement are swirling around the South African golf scene as the country prepares to welcome its newest addition – Zimbali Lakes. This isn’t just another golf course, but an embodiment of a vision to redefine luxury golfing in South Africa. A remarkable synthesis of meticulous design, natural beauty, and unmatched exclusivity, Zimbali Lakes is set to challenge, charm and captivate golfers, promising a golfing experience that is in a league of its own.

A grand vision, exquisitely executed

Zimbali Lakes is the product of a grand vision, masterfully brought to life. A golf course that will delight the senses from beautiful scenery to challenging holes.

Every hole, every fairway, every bunker has been carefully thought out and designed, the golf course layout intends to present an exhilarating challenge to both the casual and professional golfer. More than just a series of holes, the course is a harmonious journey that ebbs and flows with the undulating landscape, each new round an opportunity to explore fresh nuances and subtleties.

Surrounded by opulence, immersed in nature

Golf isn’t merely about the game; it’s about the entire experience. At Zimbali Lakes, this is elevated to levels of unprecedented luxury. The course is more than just a test of skill; it’s an encounter with nature.

Enveloped in a vibrant ecosystem, with the glistening lakes and the sparkling Indian Ocean flanking it, the course offers golfers a one-of-a-kind golfing spectacle. Imagine teeing off with the tranquil lakes in the backdrop, or perfecting your swing as the ocean breeze whispers across the fairways. This is golfing, Zimbali Lakes style.

An exclusive playground

One of the aspects that will set Zimbali Lakes apart is its commitment to exclusivity. The course is designed to be a sanctuary for golfers, a place where they can indulge in their passion for the sport without the distractions of the outside world. From private golf carts to dedicated caddies, every facet of the golfing experience is catered to ensure players feel like the VIPs they are.

A lifestyle destination

Zimbali Lakes isn’t just a golf course; it’s a lifestyle destination. It’s the place where you don’t just play golf; you live it.

The residences that line the course redefine luxury living, offering only an elite few the chance to wake up to panoramic views of the golf course and end their day with a serene walk along the greens. The world-class amenities and facilities further augment the experience, ensuring every moment spent at Zimbali Lakes is one of comfort, convenience, and superior luxury.

The Zimbali Lakes Golf Course isn’t merely a new addition to South Africa’s golf scene; it’s a game-changer. Through its vision of creating a golfing experience that’s as luxurious as it is challenging, it is all set to reshape the golfing landscape of the country.

Once the course is complete, it won’t just be one of the best golf courses in South Africa. It will be an emblem of what golf in the country can aspire to be – a blend of sport, nature, luxury, and lifestyle that’s hard to match. It is, in every sense, the future of golf in South Africa.

A world of


Within Zimbali Lakes Resort, you will find a dynamic selection of offerings that allows all residents the ultimate lifestyle. Curate an extraordinary home with internationally acclaimed architects that will uphold a legacy.
Consisting of sizeable freehold plots, The Ridge provides residents an opportunity to realise and build their dream homes. This development offers a new minimalist and contemporary approach to the traditional Zimbali look. The architectural guidelines support green practices and the classic North Coast alfresco living.
Evergreen Zimbali Lakes will comprise 750 retirement units that will cater for all stages of the retirement journey. Evergreen provides wellness and healthcare that is tailor-made for comfortable ageing and includes independent and assisted living, home-based care, as well as frail and memory care.
This mixed-use development has been designed with the philosophy of blending executive-style living with daily necessities. Home to apartments, offices, retail and medical, residents can live within walking distance of the bustling piazza that is home to boutique stores, state-of-the-art medical and dynamic office spaces.
Inspired by the elements of open air and flowing water, the Tatali vision is one of excellence, revealing exceptional living that is yet to be seen in South Africa. Offering you the choice, Tatali is home to upmarket penthouses, bespoke mansions, exceptional apartment suites or stands that allow you to create your vision.
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