Zimbali lakes home in Ballito

South Africa’s number one estate

In the realm of luxury, some places stand apart, embodying a rare blend of exclusivity, opulence, and natural beauty. One such gem is the world-renowned Zimbali Lakes Resort, South Africa’s number one estate.

Located in the idyllic emerald terrains of KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast, Zimbali Lakes stands as an epitome of luxury and tradition. Rooted in the Zulu culture, “Zimbali” translates to “valley of flowers”. This paints a vivid picture of the Ballito lifestyle estate which offers a panoramic spectacle of nature.

Live the lifestyle you want in South Africa's number one estate

Zimbali Lakes is the only estate to offer its residents lake, golf and beach. Its architectural grandeur harmoniously coexists with its surrounding, creating a serene and luxurious retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Fostering a family-oriented lifestyle estate, our commitment to nurturing fun and healthy activities for every member of the family reflects in every corner of the luxury lifestyle Zimbali Lakes offers

Unparalleled living: the Zimbali Lakes way

When you step into this magnificent estate, you become a part of a one in a million experience. Zimbali Lakes doesn’t want to merely provide a residence. We aim to provide a lifestyle where extraordinary is the norm. Every element within this estate is designed to provide a unique, luxurious experience, offering an array of amenities that cater to all facets of an upscale, active lifestyle.

Private Beach Club: An oasis of sophistication

At the heart of our estate lies a private beach club, offering direct access to the beach and pristine sands. This waterfront marvel promises exceptional views, creating a space where you can unwind, soak in the sun, or enjoy the watersport retreat of the lake.

Private Sports Club: The pinnacle of athletic excellence

Carve out your path on our pristine 20-hectare lake, an exclusive watersport retreat. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a kayaking enthusiast, our lake offers endless adventure opportunities. Enjoy catch-and-release fishing, SUP boarding, or glide through the tranquil waters in an unmotorised boat.

World-class golf course: Achieve your hole-in-one

Golfing enthusiasts will find paradise on our world-class golf course. Designed by internationally renowned golfing landscapers, this state-of-the-art facility offers an immersive golfing experience, where modern techniques blend seamlessly with the natural environment. This is where you can pursue your passion, hone your skills, and maybe even achieve your ‘hole-in-one.

Nature trails and bird hides: Paradise on your doorstep

The estate’s dedication to preserving natural beauty is evident in our nature trails and bird hides. Perfect for those who enjoy a quieter form of recreation, these facilities offer a chance to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat and appreciate the sounds of nature.

Embrace green living: A sustainable sanctuary

Live off the grid amidst the natural beauty of wetlands and forest. Our focus on self-sustainable living translates into our dedication towards creating an estate that blends seamlessly with the environment around it. Zimbali Lakes embraces green living and sustainability along with the latest technology and innovations.

Security and wellness: The ultimate peace of mind

Your safety and security are paramount to us at Zimbali Lakes. By integrating state-of-the-art security protocols, we guarantee a private and secure lifestyle. This lock-up-and-travel type of living means that you can rest easy on your travels knowing without a doubt, that your home is secure. Trust our sophisticated and advanced security protocols for 100% secure living.

Invest in luxury: Create a lasting legacy for your children

Choosing Zimbali Lakes is not merely about acquiring a luxurious property. It is about creating a legacy for your children. By investing here, you offer them a secure future in a nurturing environment that encourages growth, fosters a healthy lifestyle, and promotes green living. At Zimbali Lakes you can build a legacy investment to create a timeless heritage for generations to come.

Exclusive Ballito estate: Your own private world

While positioned at the heart of Ballito’s hustle and bustle, the moment you step within the boundaries of the estate, you are transported to a world that feels a million miles away. The sound of the city gives way to the soothing noise of nature, and the fast-paced city life melts into serene, timeless, family moments.

Ballito has become one of the fastest-growing property nodes in South Africa, with Zimbali Lakes paving the way for high-end estate living. Zimbali Lakes is an exclusive landscape that blends natural beauty and modern living, with property value that keeps going up.

Zimbali Lakes: See your world evolve

The core philosophy of Zimbali Lakes is centred around seeing your world evolve. The estate promises the peace, privacy, and beauty of a secluded sanctuary, creating a living experience that’s the best of modern city life and the allure of the natural world. Step out your door and step into a life that aligns with nature. Zimbali Lakes offers you an unparalleled living experience, filled with activities, sports, nature and above all, the peace that living well entails.

A world of


Within Zimbali Lakes Resort, you will find a dynamic selection of offerings that allows all residents the ultimate lifestyle. Curate an extraordinary home with internationally acclaimed architects that will uphold a legacy.
Consisting of sizeable freehold plots, The Ridge provides residents an opportunity to realise and build their dream homes. This development offers a new minimalist and contemporary approach to the traditional Zimbali look. The architectural guidelines support green practices and the classic North Coast alfresco living.
Evergreen Zimbali Lakes will comprise 750 retirement units that will cater for all stages of the retirement journey. Evergreen provides wellness and healthcare that is tailor-made for comfortable ageing and includes independent and assisted living, home-based care, as well as frail and memory care.
This mixed-use development has been designed with the philosophy of blending executive-style living with daily necessities. Home to apartments, offices, retail and medical, residents can live within walking distance of the bustling piazza that is home to boutique stores, state-of-the-art medical and dynamic office spaces.
Inspired by the elements of open air and flowing water, the Tatali vision is one of excellence, revealing exceptional living that is yet to be seen in South Africa. Offering you the choice, Tatali is home to upmarket penthouses, bespoke mansions, exceptional apartment suites or stands that allow you to create your vision.
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