Anticipated the inaugural Only One Experience at Zimbali Lakes

In the vast and storied landscape of South African golf, a new chapter was poised to be written. The newest golf course in the country, nestled within the illustrious Zimbali Lakes, geared up to host its premier event. Not just any event, but the inaugural Only One Experience – a name that promised exclusivity, opulence, and a chance to make history.

What was the Only One Experience?

Move over Nedbank Golf Challenge, a golfing challenge like no other was introduced. From the 11th to the 17th of September, the air was charged with excitement, the greens more inviting than ever, and the stakes higher than your average golfing event. This wasn’t just about golf; it was about being the first, about inaugurating an untouched course, and about being part of a legacy in the making.

The Only One Experience was more than a name; it was a statement. The event was an annual fixture, but only that year’s participants could lay claim to being the first. The opportunity to tee off on virgin grounds, to be the pioneer of Zimbali Lakes Golf Course, to set the first records – these were the bragging rights at stake.

How could one get involved?

This wasn’t an open call. The guest list for this premier event had been meticulously curated, with handpicked invitees set to grace the course. It was an acknowledgment of their place in the golfing world and a nod to the gravitas they brought to such an occasion. They were not just participants; they were the chosen few, earmarked to christen this course in style.

Where did the Only One Experience happen?

The Zimbali Lakes Golf Course, with its breath-taking design and meticulous planning, deserved no less than an elite introduction to the golfing world- and that was to offer an unparalleled golfing experience.

As the days drew nearer, the buzz around the Only One Experience continued to grow. Beyond the prestige of the game, participants anticipated a bespoke guest experience. From handcrafted gift packs to state-of-the-art facilities ready for them to perfect their swings, no stone had been left unturned to make this a memorable event.

It was more than just a challenge; it was a chance to etch your name in gold, to rise above the elite, and claim a prize that mirrored the grandeur of the occasion.

Yet, amidst the glamour and the stakes, it was essential to remember the spirit of the event. The Only One Experience was not just a celebration of golf but a testament to Zimbali Lakes’ commitment to offering experiences that stood out, that were unforgettable, and that set the gold standard.

As September approached and preparations were in full swing, the excitement was palpable.

All the stories of triumphs, of close calls, of camaraderie, and, of a golf course that was christened by the best were waiting to be told.

That September, Zimbali Lakes history was made. And in the years to come, as the Only One Experience became a sought-after annual affair, the tales of the inaugural event, of the first-ever exclusive handpicked participants, would be told with pride and nostalgia.

A world of


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