What Do We Mean by the Zimbali Lakes Experience?

Zimbali Lakes stands out as the only estate that will be offering lakes, golf and beach.

A very unique blend of luxury living, unparalleled amenities, and a vibrant community lifestyle. This concept encompasses everything from our premium residential offerings to the array of world-class facilities and natural beauty that define life at Zimbali Lakes.

Seamlessly intertwining the tranquillity of lakes, the allure of a world-class golf course, and the serene rhythm of beach waves is something we do well.

Venture through picturesque walking trails that weave the narrative of nature’s splendour or pause at the bird hides to observe the bird life in their natural habitat. As a pet-friendly haven, your cherished companions are free to revel in the estate’s expansive beauty alongside you.

Beyond the scenic offerings, Zimbali Lakes takes pride in offering homes where luxury meets eco-consciousness, ensuring residents enjoy opulent living without compromising on their environmental footprint. It’s an unmatched blend of nature, leisure, and modern living.

Innovation and connectivity

Zimbali Lakes was created with the idea of a “smart estate” at the forefront.

Security and sustainability stand as twin pillars. Championing innovation. We offer a stable fibre connection tailored for the work-from-home era, integrated backup power, and water systems, coupled with state-of-the-art self-sustainable solutions, for a life that flows uninterrupted.

Architectural legacy in the making

The collaboration between internationally acclaimed architects and renowned landscapers propels Zimbali Lakes with Tatali Views into a league of its own. This is where innovation and design unite to redefine opulent living. The residential component of Tatali is both diverse and unparalleled, encompassing an assortment of exceptional mansions, as well as penthouses and villas that epitomise exclusivity. Tatali ensures high levels of privacy and security, making it a perfect home for those who seek a luxurious lifestyle accompanied by peace of mind. Tatali residents will have their own private entrance while still enjoying access to all of Zimbali Lakes Resort’s lifestyle facilities.

Incredible natural surroundings

Soon to be home to a newly developed golf course by Golf Data, two pristine lakes, private beach access and forest trails, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to nature. Zimbali Lakes allows you to explore the outdoors at your own pace, all within the confines of a safe setting. Whether you want to enjoy the views or be active and explore – the choice is all yours.

Extraordinary is the standard

What does a life of leisure look like to you? Picture a morning that starts with an invigorating run around neatly manicured parks, followed by a workout in your private Sports Club. Envision paddle-boarding on a 20-hectare lake and relishing family moments on the beach, accessed through your exclusive Beach Club. This is the art of living.

Leading Location

Positioned within Ballito, near key commercial hubs, major highways, and an international airport, Zimbali Lakes will offer unmatched convenience right at your doorstep. From boutique high-end retailers and a lake waterfront to business hubs and an unrivalled Sports Club and Beach Club, every need and luxury will be catered to.

Unparalleled Recreational Facilities

We will not be able to discuss the Zimbali Lakes experience without exploring the myriad of recreational facilities that will be available. The crown jewel will, of course, be the golf course – a masterpiece that will promise not just a game but a journey through scenic beauty. But the experience will not stop there. It will extend beyond the greens, offering a plethora of activities designed to cater to every interest and lifestyle, ensuring an immersive and fulfilling experience for all residents and visitors.

Events that Leave an Imprint

The estate prides itself on hosting bespoke events that are not just about entertainment but about creating memories. Be it the Only One Experience, which delivered an elite rendezvous with golf, or the various curated events throughout the year; every gathering is an experience in itself. Here, exclusivity meets excitement, and every event is top notch.

A Commitment to Sustainability

At the core of our development lies a steadfast commitment to sustainability. We recognise the importance of harmonising our projects with the environment, ensuring that every step we take is mindful of its impact. Our approach integrates eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials, aimed at reducing our ecological footprint while enhancing the quality of life for our Zimbali Lakes residents and community.

Security that Offers Ultimate Peace of Mind

Integral to the Zimbali Experience is the peace of mind that comes with superior security solutions. But it’s not just about biometrics, gates, thermal cameras, or patrols. It’s about creating an environment where safety is a top priority, ensuring that residents can enjoy all the estate has to offer without a worry in the world.

The Zimbali Lakes Experience isn’t just a phrase; it’s an entire lifestyle. It’s about living each day amidst nature’s splendour, with every modern convenience at your fingertips. It’s about being part of a like-minded, exclusive community.

A world of


Within Zimbali Lakes Resort, you will find a dynamic selection of offerings that allows all residents the ultimate lifestyle. Curate an extraordinary home with internationally acclaimed architects that will uphold a legacy.
Consisting of sizeable freehold plots, The Ridge provides residents an opportunity to realise and build their dream homes. This development offers a new minimalist and contemporary approach to the traditional Zimbali look. The architectural guidelines support green practices and the classic North Coast alfresco living.
Evergreen Zimbali Lakes will comprise 750 retirement units that will cater for all stages of the retirement journey. Evergreen provides wellness and healthcare that is tailor-made for comfortable ageing and includes independent and assisted living, home-based care, as well as frail and memory care.
This mixed-use development has been designed with the philosophy of blending executive-style living with daily necessities. Home to apartments, offices, retail and medical, residents can live within walking distance of the bustling piazza that is home to boutique stores, state-of-the-art medical and dynamic office spaces.
Inspired by the elements of open air and flowing water, the Tatali vision is one of excellence, revealing exceptional living that is yet to be seen in South Africa. Offering you the choice, Tatali is home to upmarket penthouses, bespoke mansions, exceptional apartment suites or stands that allow you to create your vision.
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